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The Language Tune-up Kit (LTK) is an online program for reading intervention in Tier-2 and Tier-3 students with reading difficulties. In addition, it offers reading remediation and skills check-up for ELA students. It’s also useful for ESL students. Order Request demo PO Orders BUY NOW

The LTK – Literacy Intervention and Remediation

The Language Tune-up Kit (LTK) is the ideal online literacy program for schools needing to remotely teach students with Tier 2 and Tier 3 reading difficulties such as dyslexia and ADHD, while also being useful for ELA classroom reading remediation. It’s aim is to advance the four basic literacy skills that lead to success: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It uses the multisensory techniques of the Orton-Gillingham to engage learners on multiple levels while also using repetition to reinforce learning points. Furthermore, the LTK is a great tool for ESL learners as the instructions are presented in over 20 languages. Whether you are a parent looking to supplement your child’s reading education or a school administrator looking for a district-wide solution to online learning mandates, the LTK is just the right solution for you.

LTK for Dyslexics at Schools

We know that teaching remotely to students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia is not easy. These students have special needs that require extra care and attention. So, we’d like to introduce you to the ideal solution for students with dyslexia—the Language Tune-up Kit (LTK). It is an advanced reading program for dyslexic students that offers personalized decoding and fluency instruction. This useful dyslexia software program works perfectly alongside any Individual Education Program (IEP) to complement a student’s learning and help complete their educational goals. Special education students will appreciate the ability to work alongside a teacher or other specialist who can aid them remotely through video chat.

LTK for ESL Students at Schools

The LTK works great with ESL students because instruction can be in given in 20+ languages. ESL students in particular need extra help with the four key areas of the English language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The LTK gives them additional practice that they can do outside of class. The phonics aspects of the LTK can be especially useful for ESL students. There are several sounds in the English language that ESL students may not be familiar with, and the LTK affords those students the opportunity to isolate and practice those sounds on their own. That extra practice can translate into more confidence and increased performance in the classroom.


Nearly every student can use extra practice when it comes to improving their ELA skills. The LTK offers a remote option for standard classroom students to improve their reading abilities as well as just brush up on their language skills. This can keep them sharp during breaks or be used as supplemental coursework while in classes. In addition, the LTK can uncover hidden weaknesses that a student may have, and help the student overcome them. These unseen flaws are better discovered at an earlier age so they can be more adequately addressed.

The Orton-Gillingham Method Used in Schools

You may have seen the term ‘Orton-Gillingham’ discussed in regards to learning difficulties and wondered what it was. It is an approach that emphasizes multisensory instruction, repetition, and a well-structured curriculum. For example, using the Orton-Gillingham approach, students will be asked to trace the shapes of letters and they hear audibly hear them. That use of multiple modalities helps to build associations between the sounds and the letters, a key step in overcoming reading difficulties. The use of repetition also aides in reinforcing learning pathways. Additionally, the use of a structured curriculum makes sure that new concepts are introduced at just the right time that they will be most effective. The Orton-Gillingham Method is the standard technique used in offline reading remediation courses, and it’s also the perfect solution for online!

By spending 30 minutes a day with the LTK, you will:

Gain 2-5 grade levels in weeks, not months Build confidence and self-esteem Develop reading proficiency and significantly increase decoding skills Improve spelling skills

Curriculum for School Dyslexia Programs

The Orton-Gillingham curriculum is ideal for helping learning with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD. The curriculum covers the four key skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Because the Orton-Gillingham Method is multimodal, it is especially useful for students with dyslexia. That’s due to the way it mixes various senses while presenting the lessons. Using multiple senses reinforce the learning pathways. In addition, the LTK curriculum has all the elements of an elementary reading curriculum. The curriculum has been proven effective through years of student success stories. In addition to working well in schools, it is also the best homeschool curriculum for dyslexia. Learners can finish lessons from the comfort of their own home either working independently or with the help of a Virtual Coach.

Prices (LTK for School Products)

“Our LTK programs are bailing students out of difficult situations every day. We’ve had about 5 or 6 of our elementary school students receive “Most Improved Student” awards in the last year. That translates to about 20% of our enrollees. Two of those are now on the honor roll with A’s and B’s in courses they previously had difficulty getting passing test scores on…and they were also up for ADD evaluation.” From a full-time tutor working with children and adults

LTK ( Online Virtual School) “I am thankful I have found such an item as yours to assist my 10-year old dyslexic son. My goal is for him to read for information and for pleasure. Your testimonials and money back guarantee are only two of the reasons I have decided on this program. Basing it on Orton-Gillingham research, and creating a multi-sensory program is another. Thanks again for developing such a program. I hope we have success!” Mrs. D.M.T.

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The LTK curriculum includes all the
essential instructional elements


In the LTK, a student uses a mouse, microphone, and keyboard to learn newly taught phonograms and to spell and write letters, words, and sounds from dictation.


The student is taught how to blend sounds together. In the LTK, the student hears the sounds pronounced while seeing the letters move together to make familiar words.


During the introductory and review portions of the lessons, the LTK explains rules and generalizations both verbally and with on-screen demonstrations.


In the LTK, each new piece of the language taught is specifically reviewed multiple times through drills and spelling practice. If confusions occur later in another context, additional review is provided. LTK divides the linguistic rules into separate lesson activities and provides practice and correction routines for each lesson activity.


The LTK curriculum is organized to separate commonly confused linguistic elements.


The LTK teaches over 200 decoding rules during the 87-lesson course.


The program provides multiple repetitions within each lesson activity and measures student mastery.


The LTK’s quizzes test all of the linguistic information previously taught. Student scores typically indicate 90 to 100 percent mastery within the quizzes.


How can I help my dyslexic child go to school?

If your child is dyslexic, you can help prepare him/her by using the LTK at Home to give your child additional reading practice before starting school. You can also read to your child to help them grow an interest in reading.

How can technology help dyslexia?

Technology can greatly help dyslexia because a computer program like the LTK can determine the student’s weaknesses and make a custom curriculum based off of that. It can also help them because of text-to-speech features, which allows student to get immediate feedback on pronunciation.

What tools can help dyslexia?

The LTK can help because it uses the multisensory Orton-Gillingham approach. It can have your student reading and decoding 90% of the English language after completing its 87 lessons.

What is the best program for dyslexia?

The best dyslexia program is the LTK. Its numerous advantageous mean that it is far beyond any competing products.

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