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Dyslexia in Children

Dyslexia in children is a common disorder that affects between 5 to 15 percent of school age kids. Its main symptom is difficulty reading because of problems identifying speech sounds and how those are related to words and letters. Dyslexia in kids doesn’t affect their overall intelligence or vision, and with the proper instruction, a student with dyslexia can still succeed in school.

The Learning Tune-up Kit (LTK) has been helping many kids with dyslexia. Using the time-tested techniques of the Orton-Gillingham Method, the LTK is the best solution for offering help for dyslexia in children. This technique uses multisensory instruction, such as having children trace letters with their fingers as they hear them audibly. It also stresses repetition and a well-structured curriculum. With the LTK’s help, dyslexia in kids doesn’t have to be something that holds your kid back.


LTK – Online Dyslexia Software for Kids

If you’re wondering how to overcome dyslexia in kids, then look no further than the LTK! The LTK includes highly effective dyslexia tools for children. This dyslexia software includes 87 engaging lessons aimed at increasing the four main skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This dyslexia program is great for dealing with dyslexia in kids because of its reading comprehension software. It can adjust to the learner to offer the most appropriate content at any given time. There are also writing games for children as well as a dyslexia spelling program. These are just some of the reading programs for struggling readers that the LTK addresses.


Overview LTK for kids

The LTK for kids has many features that make it the ideal dyslexia software. This dyslexia program is an Orton-Gillingham-base reading program. The Orton-Gillingham program uses mutlisensory input to make learning more effective. It also uses repetition for reinforcement and adheres to a well-structured curriculum. The LTK for kids is also enjoyable, as it includes games that review the learned content.


Overview LTK

Some of the other main points of the LTK include:

  • 87 engaging lessons that will have your learner reading and decoding 90% of the English language
  •  Adherence to the non-proprietary Orton-Gillingham method of multisensory interaction, essential repetition, and a well-structured curriculum
  • Doesn’t overload the senses of special needs students
  • Instruction in all four key literacy skills
  • No ramp-up for students and teachers
  • Easily customized for individualized learning experiences
  • Support in over 20 languages to help learners whose native language is not English
  •  Ability to scale from individual learners to whole school districts of any size
  • Detailed dashboard with reporting on the learner’s progress
  • Additional versions and materials for ESL, refresher courses, and card decks
  • Compatible with all modern browsers and platforms


Products LTK for kids

“I am thankful I have found such an item as yours to assist my 10-year old dyslexic son. My goal is for him to read for information and for pleasure. Your testimonials and money back guarantee are only two of the reasons I have decided on this program. Basing it on Orton-Gillingham research, and creating a multi-sensory program is another. Thanks again for developing such a program. I hope we have success!” LTK ( Online Virtual School)LTK (виртуальная онлайн-школа) “Our LTK programs are bailing students out of difficult situations every day. We’ve had about 5 or 6 of our elementary school students receive “Most Improved Student” awards in the last year. That translates to about 20% of our enrollees. Two of those are now on the honor roll with A’s and B’s in courses they previously had difficulty getting passing test scores on…and they were also up for ADD evaluation.” LTK ( Online Virtual School)ЛТК дома Previous Next


What is dyslexia in children?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that relates to reading problems with identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. It affects the areas of the brain that process language.

How can you help a child with dyslexia?

Children who are diagnosed with dyslexia need extra care and attention through a specialized education program. With proper remediation, a child with dyslexia can succeed through middle school and high school.

What is the best software for dyslexia?

The best software for dyslexia is the Language Tune-up Kit. This online program uses the Orton-Gillinhgam method of repetition, multisensory engagement, and a well-structured curriculum.

How do you help a child with dyslexia?

Children who are diagnosed with dyslexia need extra care and attention through a specialized education program. With proper remediation, a child with dyslexia can succeed through middle school and high school.

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